Bushranger Women hit training Track


It was pre-season, but not as you know it. The rain held off but the wind made life difficult for the 17 trail blazers who took part in history as Yarra OGFC conducted its first ever Women’s training session.

Premiership coach, and father of a potential AFL – Women’s star himself, Ian Trend, took them through the 90 minute session that started with a warm up with the guys before breaking into a separate group.

They quickly mastered time honoured drills like kris-kros, five star, even a gruelling 2 on 3 keepings off scenario before finishing with a 10 minute running session.

Despite the change, there were some familiar names. The Hatton Family is already well known to bushranger supporters as Georgia Hatton explained. “My Brother has played for the club since 2014 and my dad coached the reserves in 2016”


“Yarra has a great culture and social environment, the facilities are great and a electronic scoreboard!”

But tonight was the first time her solid ground game and quick decision making was on display for all the see. Georgia is the type of player who will own the inside midfield in 2017.

Alex Blackburn followed the traditional route to the club, “I’m an old grammarian myself and heard through boys currently playing that the club was interested in starting a women’s team”

Deadly accurate and penetrating foot disposal is a feature of Alex’s game which screams attacking half back.

“I think its always been a sport I was turned away from for the fear of being hurt but now there is a women’s comp, that fear has lowered”

“The club has been so inclusive of women and I am excited to see the continual support.”

The club has always thrived on welcoming non past students as well. Eliza Atkinson comes to the club via long time sponsor Snooze. “After 30 plus years of wanting to play and having to settle with being a spectator the opportunity is finally there, Growing up with a brother playing and now 3 sons in the game, who wouldn’t want to have a go.”


A ready made Full Forward, Eliza’s booming right foot is more than capable of dobbing a set shot from outside 50 and her reach will give her the advantage in goal square marking contests.  She will bring the experience required to keep the team cool in pressure cooker situations “At my age, there may not be many seasons left, but when you’ve wanted something for so long, you’ve just got to give it a shot.”


Georgia, Alex and Eliza are just three of what will eventually be more than 25 women who will wear the Yellow, Red and Black in 2017. Its been a long time in the making but Women’s Football is here, and the Bushrangers are representing.

Bring on 2017!


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